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Welcome to WuvenIME

What is WuvenIME

WuvenIME is a Shanghainese/Wu script Input Method Editor that can convert the romanized Shanghainese/Wu scripts to the counterpart Hanzi(漢字)/Hangul(한글)/Hiragana(平仮名)/Katakana(片仮名). The word Wuven means Wu scripts(吳文).

Implemented as a TSF(Text Service Framework) text service on Windows 2000/XP platforms, WuvenIME can be installed or updated as a separate module and is independent of any specific application.


The project is still at a pre-alpha stage of development, please come back in a couple of weeks.

Also you may subscribe our wuvenime-news mailing list if you would like to be informed about the release of our project.

News and events

Our site is under construction; more stuffs will be available soon...

  • Our web site is open to the public on June 25th, 2005.