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  • The Unicode definition is based on The Uncode Standard (Version 4.1)
  • This page is coded in UTF-8 and contains Latin Extended symbols and Combining Diacritical Marks. If your computer fails to render them properly, please install "Arial Unicode MS" font.
Basic Latin
Letter Fawu Tongyong Unicode Hex Memo
A/a U0041/U0061
B/b U0042/U0062
C/c U0043/U0063
D/d U0044/U0064
E/e U0045/U0065
F/f U0046/U0066
G/g U0047/U0067
H/h U0048/U0068
I/i U0049/U0069
J/j U004A/U006A
K/k U004B/U006B
L/l U004C/U006C
M/m U004D/U006D
N/n U004E/U006E
O/o U004F/U006F
P/p U0050/U0070
Q/q U0051/U0071
R/r U0052/U0072
S/s U0053/U0073
T/t U0054/U0074
U/u U0055/U0075
V/v U0056/U0076
W/w U0057/U0077
X/x U0058/U0078
Y/y U0059/U0079
Z/z U005A/U007A
'/- U0027/U002D
Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extendeds
Letter Fawu Tongyong Unicode Hex memo
À/à U00C0/U00E0 Grave A/a
Á/á U00C1/U00E1 Acute A/a
Â/â U00C2/U00E2 Circumflex A/a
Ä/ä U00C4/U00E4 Umlaut A/a
Ā/ā U0100/U0101 Macron A/a [Latin-ExtA] (Fawu-Ext)
È/è U00C8/U00E8 Grave E/e
É/é U00C9/U00E9 Acute E/e
Ê/ê U00CA/U00EA Circumflex E/e
Ë/ë U00CB/U00EB Umlaut E/e
Ē/ē U0112/U0113 Macron E/e [Latin-ExtA] (Fawu-Ext)
Ì/ì U00CC/U00EC Grave I/i
Í/í U00CD/U00ED Acute I/i
Î/î U00CE/U00EE Circumflex I/i
Ï/ï U00CF/U00EF Umlaut I/i
Ī/ī U012A/U012B Macron I/i [Latin-ExtA] (Fawu-Ext)
Ò/ò U00D2/U00F2 Grave O/o
Ó/ó U00D3/U00F3 Acute O/o
Ô/ô U00D4/U00F4 Circumflex O/o
Ö/ö U00D6/U00F6 Umlaut O/o
Ō/ō U014C/U014D Macron O/o [Latin-ExtA] (Fawu-Ext)
Ù/ù U00D9/U00F9 Grave U/u
Ú/ú U00DA/U00FA Acute U/u
Û/û U00DB/U00FB Circumflex U/u
Ü/ü U00DC/U00FC Umlaut U/u
Ū/ū U016A/U016B Macron U/u [Latin-ExtA] (Fawu-Ext)
Ǜ/ǜ U01DB/U01DC Grave Umlaut U/u [Latin Ext-B]
Ǘ/ǘ U01D7/U01D8 Acute Umlaut U/u [Latin Ext-B]
Ü̂/ü̂ U00DC+U0302/U00FC+U0302 Circumflex Umlaut U/u [Combining Diacritical Marks](deprecated)
Ǚ/ǚ U01D9/U01DA Caron Umlaut U/u [Latin Ext-B](preferred)
Ǖ/ǖ U01D5/U01D6 Macron Umlaut U/u [Latin-ExtB] (Fawu-Ext)
Ỳ/ỳ U0059+U0300/U0079+U0300 Grave Y/y [Combining Diacritical Marks](deprecated)
Ỳ/ỳ U1EF2/U1EF3 Grave Y/y [Latin Ext-Add](preferred)
Ý/ý U00DD/U00FD Acute Y/y
Ŷ/ŷ U0176/U0177 Circumflex Y/y [Latin Ext-A]
Ÿ/ÿ U0178/U00FF Umlaut Y/y [Latin Ext-A]
Ȳ/ȳ U0059+U0232/U0079+U0233 Macron Y/y [Combining Diacritical Marks] (Fawu-Ext)
Ȳ/ȳ U0232/U0233 Macron Y/y [Latin-ExtB] (Fawu-Ext)(unavailable in "Arial Unicode MS" font)
Š/š U0160/U0161 Caron S/s [Latin-ExtA]
Ž/ž U017D/U017E Caron Z/z [Latin-ExtA]

Syllable onset a.k.a. initials, shēngmǔ, 聲母, 声母

Bilabial a.k.a. 双唇音, 重唇音
Modern Wu IPA Fawu Tongyong memo
p p p p voiceless unaspirated plosive
ph ph ph voiceless aspirated plosive
b b b b voiced plosive
ʔm mh hm m nasal (Yin tone/high pitch)
m m m m nasal (Yang tone/low pitch)
Labiodental a.k.a. 唇齿音, 轻唇音
Modern Wu IPA Fawu Tongyong memo
ʔʋ vh f f voiced approximant (semivowel)
f f f f voiceless fricative
v v v v voiced fricative
Alveolar a.k.a. 舌头音
Modern Wu IPA Fawu Tongyong memo
t t t t voiceless unaspirated plosive
th th th voiceless aspirated plosive
d d d d voiced plosive
ʔn nh hn n nasal (Yin tone/high pitch)
n n n n nasal (Yang tone/low pitch)
ʔl lh hl l lateral (Yin tone/high pitch)
l l l l lateral (Yang tone/low pitch)
Dental a.k.a. 齿音
Modern Wu IPA Fawu Tongyong memo
ʦ tz tz tz voiceless unaspirated affricate
ʦʰ ts ts ts voiceless aspirated affricate
ʣ dz/z dz z voiced affricate
s s s s voiceless sibilant fricative
z z z z voiced sibilant fricative
Postalveolar/Alveolo-palatal a.k.a. 舌面(叶)音
Modern Wu IPA Fawu Tongyong memo
ʧ/ʨ c c c voiceless unaspirated affricate
ʧʰ/ʨʰ ch ch ch voiceless aspirated affricate
ʤ/ʥ dj j j voiced affricate
ʃ x sh sh voiceless fricative
徐(团) ʒ j zh zh voiced fricative
Platal a.k.a. 硬颚音
Modern Wu IPA Fawu Tongyong memo
ʔɲ kn hn n nasal (Yin tone/high pitch)
ɲ n n n nasal (Yang tone/low pitch)
ʔi i i/hy y counterpart of [j](Yin tone/high pitch)
j j/-i y y semivowel (Yang tone/low pitch)
Velar/Glottal a.k.a. 喉牙音
Modern Wu IPA Fawu Tongyong memo
k k k k voiceless unaspirated plosive
kh kh kh voiceless aspirated plosive
g g g g voiced plosive
ʔŋ nk hng gn nasal (Yin tone/high pitch)
ŋ ng ng gn nasal (Yang tone/low pitch)
h h h h voiceless glottal "fricative" (Yin tone/high pitch)
ɦ r r r breathy-voiced glottal "fricative" (Yang tone/low pitch)
ʔ NULL/q '/NULL NULL null onset (zero initial)
Modern Wu IPA Fawu Tongyong memo
ʔw u u/hw w voiced approximant (semivowel)
w w w w voiced approximant (semivowel)
Modern Wu IPA Fawu Tongyong memo
ʔy iu/ü iu/ü y/-u counterpart of [ɥ] (Yin tone/high pitch)
ɥ y/-u uy y/-u voiced approximant (semivowel)

Syllable rime a.k.a. finals, yùnmǔ, 韻母, 韵母